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Solution Pods

We believe that Professional Services should be judged by the business outcomes they produce, so our entire focus is on providing technical teams that “get stuff done.” To accomplish this, we provide:

  • Full service migration, modernization, and creation for public and private cloud. This includes infrastructure, configuration, runtime, security, and applications “as code.”

  • Turnkey program operations, including managing the program backlog and CI/CD pipeline

  • Paired, co-located development teams of certified architects, engineers, and developers

Acatium Solution Pods continually assess, design, and deliver full-stack solutions for the cloud. Plus, our lean Cloud Native teams ensure we can deliver rapid ROI for your organization.

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Our assessment services are designed to provide you insight into three critical components of success: the current state of services, the demands of your customers, and the capability of existing delivery organizations. Because every enterprise context is different, these assessments are highly customized to ensure openness, encourage collaboration, and drive shared outcomes.


System Design and Technical Architecture

Any forward-looking technology strategy will include a complex assembly of cloud services, automation, and increasing customer influence. While working with technology partners to define technical outcomes is a critical component of any program, we also focus on cultivating and championing the voice of service consumers and clear business objectives to ensure accountability of the design to measurable business outcomes. This, along with strong expertise in cloud services, integrated delivery, security, and data management creates a framework for rational system design and program accountability.


Scaled Delivery

Our delivery methodology prioritizes business objectives over technical checklists, and we hold our teams accountable to realizing measurable returns based on these objectives. Our approach ensures that the smallest delivery unit is capable and accountable to deliver a service that meets the defined objectives. Additionally, we can rapidly scale to ensure the service we deliver provides the value our clients require.