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about acatium technology

The Roman acatium was a small, versatile Mediterranean sailboat. The backbone of commercial seaborne trade, it was “especially created for sailing fast with light winds.” Acatium Technology likewise brings speed, agility, and versatility to our clients, helping them navigate change and deliver value in today’s digital economy.


about Matthew walker, founder and chief strategist

I have spent the past fifteen years delivering technology services to users around the world. I started my career in banking, spent time with a “big four” consultancy, ran a global service delivery organization, and served as product evangelist for one of the world’s largest IT services firms. In that time, I have had the privilege to work with amazing teams delivering the cutting-edge technology of the day: server and application virtualization, cloud-based services, provisioning and delivery automation, DevOps, container-based solutions - all in a variety of combinations and contexts.

Acatium Technology exists because I believe there is huge opportunity to do I.T. better. We leverage advanced tools and techniques to build technology programs that deliver accelerated time-to-value, are designed to meet the needs of the user community, and serve to transform the organizations we work with.